Who Are The Coalition?



Thiago Maia


Thiago was born in the jungles of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a young monkey keen to explore his surroundings and learn new skills.

His mother discovered he had a flare for design and animation so stole a Macintosh from some tourists and gave it to him, from which he learnt all about animation and design. After learning to behave like a human he managed to find a job in design and worked in Brazil for 3 years. Then one day he managed to stow away on boat to London, England, ready to explore this new jungle and peruse his new life and career.

Now, having been in London for 6 years, Thiago has had the opportunity to work with some really nice people producing work for Cartoon Network, BBC, Microsoft, Pepsi, Nickelodeon, RedBee, SKY and Nokia to name a few… none of whom noticed he is in fact a monkey. Today, he works with film, design and animation, and strives to bring original solutions to his clients using his unique simian skills around the world.

http://www.thiago.tv Work in Progress
For any press/pr enquiries please email: simon@coalitionofthewilling.org.uk