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Arctic Stock Images is a royalty free stock photography archive aiming to provide customers with affordable stock images and footage from the arctic region and Antarctica. We have a vast archive of high quality images from the arctic region and covering all kinds of topics. Our archive are based on contributions from more than 70 photographers specializing in nature, animal and arctic photography. Our prices start at $10 or $2,5 on subscription. Read more and experience our unique portfolio at www.arcticstockimages.com

Raldi Somers
All my life I have been interested in wildlife. In January 2005 I had decided for the first time to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to watch the wildlife. Following my first trip to the polar regions, I made my first trip to Africa in May 2006. These were the first of many wildlife-watching holidays to Africa and the Polar regions.

On the trips in 2005 and early 2006 I also started enjoying photography of African and polar wildlife. This finally lead to founding Gentoo Multimedia Ltd., a company that sells my images (and footage) of nature and wildlife. After a request from a client – a UK based travel agent – for a promotional video, I got my first video camera. Now the company is not only producing footage on assignment, but also stock footage.

Although it all started with photography, the emphasis is now shifting towards the production of (stock) footage. The subjects will still mainly be wildlife and nature in Africa and the polar regions. However, other subjects will be added to my portfolio in future. For more information, please visit my site at www.naturalhistoryfilm.com

http://www.arcticstockimages.com http://www.naturalhistoryfilm.com
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