Who Are The Coalition?

Production and Creators


Knife Party

Director, Producer, Filmmaker

Simon Robson aka Knife Party is best known for his direction of issue film, or issue animation if you will. Too many evenings spent listening to the declarations of his pal, Barry McNamara, lead to the conception of Simon’s first short film, the multi-award winning ‘What Barry Says’. What Barry Says is a response to the US invasion of Iraq and elucidates McNamara’s outspoken views on what he calls ‘War Corporatism’. Quickly championed by the motion community and the worldwide public alike, ‘What Barry Says’ blazed a trail across the world wide web and the film festival circuit in 2004...read morehttp://www.knife-party.netWork in Progress


Tim Rayner


Timothy Rayner is a writer and philosopher based in Sydney, Australia. His consultancy, Philosophy for Change, teaches practical philosophical skills for everyday life. Tim has taught philosophy at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, Australia. He recently completed ‘Philosophy for Change’ the book, and is writing a book on innovation.




Adam Gault & Stefanie Augustine


Adam Gault and Stefanie Augustine have been collaborating for years on personal and commercial projects. Their work takes a mixed media approach to animation – utilizing illustration, video, stop-motion, and computer animation techniques. With backgrounds in film and illustration respectively, they bring their combined setdvdpla of skills to each assignment, aiming to create projects that are unusual and unexpected. They work from a studio in Long Island City, New York.

http://www.adamgault.com/120/120_01.htmlWork in Progress

Bran Dougherty-Johnson


Bran Dougherty-Johnson is an Animator and Designer with a varied independent career in the Motion Graphic Design industry. His work seeks to create spare and graphic films which communicate using both tactile and hand-crafted animation techniques. Since 2005, Grow Design Work has operated as a one-person studio focusing on producing effective work with quality and a personal touch.

http://www.growdesignwork.com/Work in Progress

Cassiano Prado, Mario Sader & Ralph Pinel


Cassiano Prado is a film and animation director originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Cassiano started as a motion graphics designer at Lobo studios. Relocated to the UK, he worked for MTV International creating promos and title-sequences for a worldwide audience. As a freelancer, he produced work for VH1, Channel 4 and Channel Five as well as directing commercials for Sony Ericsson, Ford and the BBC. As a music video director, Cassiano worked with bands such as Electrelane, The Emperor Machine, White Belt Yellow Tag and Tiga. He is currently part of Agile films, based in East London. http://www.cassiano.tv

Mario de Toledo-Sader...read morehttp://www.cassiano.tvWork in Progress


Clapham Road Studios


Clapham Road Studios has been instrumental in helping Knife Party create their animation sections for ‘Coalition’. Matt Day and the team at Clapham Road have provided Knife Party with space, expertise, advice, equipment and infinite patience since the end of 2008. Their generosity and skills are totally unprecedented. Thank you form the bottom of my heart.

161 Clapham road was converted from a warehouse space into a studio in 1983 by Denis Russo Associates. The studio has been home to the production of over 250 Commercials and promos in the last twenty four years including adverts for Sony Bravia, Access,...read morehttp://www.claphamroadstudios.co.uk


Dave Baum


Dave Baum is known locally to himself as the best motion designer Reading has ever produced. Realising that London was pretty close to Reading, and a lot better, he moved there, and now explores video with the help of long suffering friends who are too kind to point out that DVD’s exist. He relies heavily on OCD and his graphic design background to ensure that everything looks excellent and matches up neatly

http://www.thelifegallery.co.uk/Work in Progress



Flying the flannel in Portland, Decoy Aka. Ryan Rothermel is a pacific northwest designer that finds the grey skies and mossy forests a lush inspiration. His work has an overload of texture, excitement, and danger. Experimentation with new tools and materials is an ongoing daily routine for Ryan, as well as tackling just about every aspect of a final production.

http://www.decoy.tvWork in Progress

Dom Del Torto


London born and based artist and director, Dom del Torto, uses traditional art techniques mixed with photo and video montage to make amusing and occasionally disturbing images and films. His recent commercial projects include directing a spot with Stephen Fry for the environmentally friendly and delicious ‘GOOD Oil’ food range, and leading the animation team responsible for hiding the naughty bits in the recent award scooping Diesel XXX – Safe for work viral. Dom is deeply committed to saving the world through funny drawings and clumsy animation, likes stroking cats, walking on his feet and playing very small guitars for...read morehttp://www.domdeltorto.comWork in Progress


Dylan White & Andy Hague


Dylan and Andy are both longtime collaborators of Simon Robson, and have worked with Nexus Productions, Partizan, RSA and Academy Films.

Dylan White is a freelance illustrator, animation director, vfx compositor. Commissioned by Film London in 2008, his collaboration with writer Tim Telling, Yowie And The Magpie, was shortlisted for the 2009 McLaren Animation award at Edinburgh International Film Festival, has screened at London Film Festival and Bafta, and features on Stash 60. He is currently developing projects for animation and children’s books.

Andy Hague works in the visual effects industry in London specialising in compositing and animation. In addition...read morehttp://dylanwhite.mehttp://www.andyhague.com/CV.htmlWork in Progress




Echolab is an award winning sound design studio established in 2001 by Gavin Little.

After spending 10 years working as a graphic & motion designer, Gavin established the Echolab studio, specialising in creative sound design & music composition for television, film & interactive projects.

http://www.echolab.tvWork in Progress

Foreign Office


Foreign Office is a creative design and moving image studio based in London. It all started at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London where the partners met during their BA in Graphic Design 1994. Since 1997 we have nurtured a wide range of interests and talents together, from our origin in graphic design via web design, animation and filmmaking, our main focus.

Our unique mix of skills, talent and experience has taken us through projects from a wide spectrum of the media industry, so our teams can deliver top quality visual communication work whatever the medium,...read morehttp://www.foreignoffice.comWork in Progress


Andreas Gebhardt


Coming from creating black and white flyers for fairly loud basement techno parties. Delving into 3D with doing revolutionary extrusions in Strata Studio Pro on a fierce 80 MHz Macintosh. Studied animation at HFF, Hochschule fuer Film und Fernsehen, Babelsberg across the street from the studios where Fritz Lang created Metropolis. R&D programmer at Omation studios, California helping to solve difficult FX shots. Short affaire as a shader programmer with the talented folks at La Maison, Paris. Senior FX TD and R&D programmer at Psyop Inc., a Motion Graphics and VFX shop in Lower East Side, New York. Currently...read morehttp://sukio.deWork in Progress


James Wignall


Raised in northern England, James now works as a freelance director/designer/animator type person in Central London under the guise of Mutandhands. In between working for lovely people like MTV, VH1, Nike, he also joins in on collaborative projects such as Psst! Pass it On, is a regular contributer to Computer Arts magazine and has talked at events such as BD4D.


Betterment Bureau (Loyalkaspar)


The Bureau for the Betterment of the World through Design is a coalition of like-minded designers, producers, animators, directors, or otherwise, who have joined forces for one purpose: to make the world a better place, through design.

Founded by members of New York-based design firm Loyalkaspar, Inc., the BBWD operates as a not-for-profit creative team working on original projects as well as collaborating with local and global organizations for charitable causes. It currently works out of the Loyalkaspar offices in New York and is actively recruiting new members.

http://www.loyalkaspar.comWork in Progress

Sehsucht - Directed by Mate Steinforth


Mate Steinforth (born 1977 in Hannover) is a designer and director based in New York City. In his teen years he became active in the computer art subculture called Demoscene and eventually began working as a graphic artists for computer games. He studied graphic design at University of Applied Arts Hildesheim and the University of Madrid, Facultad de Bellas Artes.

In 2002, he moved to Madrid to work as an Art Director in the graphic studio Juan Dela Mata. From 2004 an he worked as a freelance motion designer/director for several companies in Berlin and Munich. In 2007, he moved to...read morehttp://www.matesteinforth.comWork in Progress


Mighty Nice


Mighty Nice is a director led animation studio, co-founded by BAFTA award winning animator, Darren Price, and Nexus Productions, one of the largest and most respected animation producers in the UK. Darren has come from a background in graphic design, specialising in illustration and cartooning. He has since extended his skills to become one of the leading CG animators in his field.

Since starting Mighty Nice, his first short film “Potapych: The Bear Who Loved Vodka” has won a BAFTA in Scotland for Best Animation. Following that, Mighty Nice has created music videos, idents and TVC’s for all manner of...read morehttp://www.mightynice.com.auWork in Progress


Parasol Island


Parasol Island produces nationally and internationally award-winning film, animation and interactive projects for an exclusive client portfolio, ranging from lifestyle and entertainment companies to the consumer industry. Aside from the high quality technique and content that Parasol exhibits, clients appreciate the aesthetic standard which has been established throughout recent years, earning Parasol the reputation as a creative source and stronghold for ambitious agencies and sophisticated brands alike.

Since the beginning of 2008, Parasol Island has employed 25 people, a carefully picked team of fresh talent. Parasol Island was founded in 2002 by the current Managing Partners Charles Bals, Sebastian Druschel,...read morehttp://www.parasol-island.comWork in Progress


Thiago Maia


Thiago was born in the jungles of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a young monkey keen to explore his surroundings and learn new skills.

His mother discovered he had a flare for design and animation so stole a Macintosh from some tourists and gave it to him, from which he learnt all about animation and design. After learning to behave like a human he managed to find a job in design and worked in Brazil for 3 years. Then one day he managed to stow away on boat to London, England, ready to explore this new jungle and peruse his new life...read morehttp://www.thiago.tvWork in Progress


World Leaders


World Leaders was founded on the belief that the strange and inventive, the passionate and diligent, the absurd and hilarious all make great entertainment. The studio’s resume of animation and interactive projects spans from traditional to new media. They are recognized their cult television programming, award winning commercials, and innovative web experiences.

Mike Foran, a founder and the Executive Creative Director of World Leaders, is proud to have created “Idealised 60s” for Coalition of the Willing in cooperation with Simon Robson.

http://www.wleaders.comWork in Progress

Yum Yum London


One day two critters who went by the name of Yum and Yum decided to join forces and combine their amazing names to form YumYum.

From their tiny treehouse studio they create an amazingly weird and wonderful array of characters, animation, live action, design, illustration and typography.

The directing duo have been creatively creating since the year 2007. With no limitations to their creativity and storytelling skills YumYum will always ensure to create the best of the best of the best of the best.

Nice to meet you.

http://www.yumyumlondon.comWork in Progress

Cristobal Infante


Cristobal is a London Based 3D Artist.
He is originally from Santiago de Chile, where he studied design and then made his first steps in motion graphics and animation. He moved to England to adquire some 3d skills, and hasn’t stop since then. He has spent the last 5 years working in several London studios doing mostly commercials and some film work. He currently works at Studio Aka as a 3d generalist.



Language Translation

Ladyverd.com is an online magazine that was created to promote inspiring information for organizations and individuals committed in the war against climate change who want to fight for a better world. We highlight positive stories that happen in the world and bring them closer to our readers. All translation tasks are carried out by qualified professional translators with environmental vocation.


Arctic Stock Images

Stock imagery

Arctic Stock Images is a royalty free stock photography archive aiming to provide customers with affordable stock images and footage from the arctic region and Antarctica. We have a vast archive of high quality images from the arctic region and covering all kinds of topics. Our archive are based on contributions from more than 70 photographers specializing in nature, animal and arctic photography. Our prices start at $10 or $2,5 on subscription. Read more and experience our unique portfolio at www.arcticstockimages.com

Raldi Somers
All my life I have been interested in wildlife. In January 2005 I had decided for the first...read morehttp://www.arcticstockimages.comhttp://www.naturalhistoryfilm.com


Time Based Arts


James Allen, Mike Skrgatic and Sheldon Gardner.
We are an independently owned post production company based in Shoreditch, East London. We are artist owned and run. As Flame artists we’ve been working at the top level of visual effects in Soho (and Sydney) for ten years, both employed and freelance (The Mill/ MPC/ VTR/ Glassworks/ Finish/ Rushes/ Animal Logic).

Since starting up last spring we have set out to bring a dedicated, creatively led studio approach to all projects. Our strengths lie in applying the highest quality of visual effects to interesting projects in collaboration with creative directors and makers.



Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon


Tim has worked as a designer/animator for 10 years. During his career, Tim has worked for a gaggle of the best graphic design, advertising and production companies on every kind of digital project – site campaigns, online advertising, animation for commercials, installations, e-commerce and many more. Tim is currently an Art Director and Digital Producer focusing on interactive and animation projects, with an eye to where they converge into something forward looking. Viva la future!


Eggplant Digital

Interactive Developers

Eggplant Digital is an international web development company based in Beijing, China. We design websites and web-based software for multinational companies using web based solutions.




Marotori are a Tier 3 isp with facilities based out of 4D DC, West London. We are not a commodity consumer facing ISP, but rather prefer to provide niche market hosting facilities for our clients and partner companies. If you are after flexibility, great customer service and high performance hosting, you have come to the right place!

Richard Das

Richard Das


Richard Das provides consultancy services to clients for their creative concepts, and development leadership to small teams of programmers to realize those ideas. He currently works for a range of London’s top agency clients, on some of the most iconic websites for the world’s largest brands.


Ademar Varela / Mind Bike


Brazilian company specializing in developing of applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Our mission is to provide technological innovations to all people worldwide and make the commitment to empower the businesses of our customers to achieve their full potential.


Kester Hynds


Kester is a lead web designer, developer and consultant specialising in producing content managed web sites using PHP, MySQL and Flash.


Fernando Valente


Fernando Valente is a Mac, iPhone, iPad and web developer who has started programming in 2006. He started a software house called Chiaro Software in 2009 and has been developing software for the iPhone and the Mac since them. He’s from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but his biggest dream is moving to California. Actually his biggest passions are music and technology.


Voice Over

Coalition of the Willing features the voice talent of Colin Tierney, represented by Voice Agency. www.qvoice.co.uk

With Thanks

Simon Robson would like to thank everyone who has helped make Coalition of The Willing possible.

For any press/pr enquiries please email: simon@coalitionofthewilling.org.uk