Who Are The Coalition?



Cassiano Prado, Mario Sader & Ralph Pinel


Cassiano Prado is a film and animation director originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Cassiano started as a motion graphics designer at Lobo studios. Relocated to the UK, he worked for MTV International creating promos and title-sequences for a worldwide audience. As a freelancer, he produced work for VH1, Channel 4 and Channel Five as well as directing commercials for Sony Ericsson, Ford and the BBC. As a music video director, Cassiano worked with bands such as Electrelane, The Emperor Machine, White Belt Yellow Tag and Tiga. He is currently part of Agile films, based in East London. http://www.cassiano.tv

Mario de Toledo-Sader is a freelance director and art director based in New York City. Born in France, grew up in Brazil. Went back to France in 2005 where he worked as a freelance director and art director in both Paris and London. Met Simon Robson in London in 2006 through Cassiano Prado. Joined forces with Cassiano to collaborate with Simon on “Taking Liberties”.

Ralph Pinel: I was born in Australia, grew up in Sydney and spent most of my early life surfing….much to my father’s dismay. It was through the counter culture of surfing that I first became aware of the effect our culture was having on the environment. This led to an interest in alternative ways of living … I was very aware of the plight of the Planet and environment and the possibility of alternative life styles that were happening at the time.

I started working in 3d Graphics around 15 years ago, freelancing on small animation projects, for companies such as impossible TV on 4mations. I then spent a large part of this time working full time in broadcast graphics doing title Idents, promos etc… I’m now freelancing again – wanting to do more specialist 3d and animation. I work with 3d Studio Max & After Effects, mostly. I’ve had a keen interest in animation and story telling since I began and look forward to doing more of this kind of work… my other interests are photography, philosophy and now I live in the UK Kitesurfing.

http://www.cassiano.tv Work in Progress
For any press/pr enquiries please email: simon@coalitionofthewilling.org.uk