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Behind the Scenes

Job done and I want to say thanks to Simon for inviting me to make part of this amazing project!

I tried to select some pictures to show the WIP and give a bit more of the behind the scenes of my sections.
I had posted the final tree, but I thought to show how the tree was made. In this first picture you can see the aluminium wire twisted with the mini lights in place and in the second picture you can see how I was planning the size of the islands where I was going to put them, but I changed their place in the end.

Some images of the islands in place on the turn table that I built. You can notice the islands are on top of a black acrylic sheet and later I added hair gel to give a bit of texture and look a bit more like water.

A top view of the islands. In this first picture you can see the wire rigging used to control all the lighting, and on the left side there is the little device that I used as a dimmer for the little lights.
In the second picture I have all the islands finished and I was testing the lights on the face house.

I want to show the set up that I used to film all my stop-motion. It was a simple set up with my laptop running Dragon, a tripod and one light with some blue gel.

Just some stages of the tree scene, and now the black acrylic has hair gel on it,  you can see the texture on the reflection

The final ruler island and a close up to see the details of people inside the ruler house.

And in this last picture, I wanted to show the size of my set compare with a human.

I will upload a time-lapse of some part of my work in the next few days.

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  1. Dave Baum
    Posted Thursday Apr 8th at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Looks brilliant, and keeping you away from the computer…!

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