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After a long week trying to sort out my mini light rigging and having so many problems with it, I am happy to be able to sleep without worrying and now I have a bit more time to post some WIP for everyone.

I am in the process of finishing the 3 island for my shoot tomorrow and it all seems to work well and is coming to life. So, I want to share some behind the scenes with you:

This is some of the materials that I am using to build the 3 islands for my section. There are many things made from aluminium wire, compasses, fake grass, mobile cases, miniature people, rulers, and over 50 mini lights in different sizes… also you can check the size of the lights and compare them with a 1p coin in this image.

The 12 nice pairs of latex boots for the “Catalyst System” Island:

The final main tree for “Green Knowledge Trust” Island. It is made from twisted aluminium wire, green and white mini lights, brown cotton and bits of model trees:

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  1. Dave Baum
    Posted Saturday Feb 20th at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    nice! Love the mud on the boots

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